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One Tablet Protects Your Thyroid From Radiation Exposure - Learn More About How Potassium Iodide (KI) Can Protect You and Your Family

Your source for the only full-strength radio-protective KI tablet that has been approved by the FDA and passed all requirements for purity, quality, safety, and efficacy. For use by adults and children in a radiation emergency.

iOSAT™ received its approval from the US Food and Drug Administration in 1982.

It is the only full-strength tablet for radiation blocking which may legally be sold in the US and has passed all FDA tests for purity, safety, and efficacy. FDA approved, non-prescription iOSAT (Anbex brand of potassium iodide for radiation protection) tablets can be purchased by individuals here.

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IOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablets U.S.P., 130mg
Who Is At Risk?

Who Is At Risk?

Radioactive fallout, from powerplants or weapons, can travel long distances. Almost all of the thyroid cancer from Chernobyl took place more than 30 miles from the reactor.5 Millions were threatened and thousands developed cancer.

The Need for Thyroid Protection

The Need for Thyroid Protection

Thyroid cancer, especially among children, is the most common and dangerous effect from radiation exposure. More than 90% of the cancer at Chernobyl was thyroid related.1 Thyroid damage was seen more than 200 miles downwind.2 Thousands of cases are known.3

Proven Save and Effective

Proven Safe and Effective

KI's value was demonstrated at Chernobyl. More than 18 million people received the drug,4 and all were protected. But in areas where KI was not available, thyroid damage, including cancer, among children spiked to epidemic rates. All preventable.

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