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iOSAT™ Corporate Pack (150)

iOSAT™ Corporate Pack (150)
iOSAT™ Corporate Pack (150)
SKU#: PROD68349
Price: $1,348.50

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iOSAT™ received its approval from the US Food and Drug Administration in 1982.
It is the only full-strength tablet for radiation blocking which may legally be sold in the US and has passed all FDA tests for purity, safety, and efficacy. FDA approved, non-prescription iOSAT (Anbex brand of potassium iodide for radiation protection) tablets can be purchased by individuals here.


How to use KI

There are 14 x130 mg tablets in each package. See FAQ for more details.

Bulk sale pricing

  • Available for government, military, and health department stockpiling, and select distributors.
  • Contact Us to request special pricing.
  • In bulk, iOSAT is sold in bare "strips" of 14 tablets/each. Each strip is accompanied by a Patient Product Insert printed in pads of 200.

Shipping and handling

  • Varies with order quantity; see check-out page for details. $20.00 per order for international orders.

Payment for international orders

  • Please restrict payment to either credit card or international money order drawn in US dollars.
  • All pricing in US dollars.
  • Postage is paid from shipping point to destination.

Note: Foreign gov't formalities including customs, taxes, and other documentation are the responsibility of the buyer.

View the Anbex Refund Policy

Please read the following


  • Use only as directed by state or local public health authorities in the event of a radiation emergency.

  • Store at room temperature. Keep package dry and foil packets intact.

  • Limited quantities of are available from Anbex. Orders will be filled on a first come first served basis.

  • Potassium Iodide Tablets, USP, 130 mg. per tablet. 14 tablets per package.

  • NDC: 51803-001-01

Privacy and security

We take privacy seriously and protect all online orders with encryption secured by Norton and Verisign. We accept online orders by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal. Alternatively, you may order by calling (800) 853-6535.

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